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Accepting New Patients (except Grande Prairie)

Why visit a Walk In Clinic

There are many walk in clinics in Calgary,
why and when do people choose go there?

It’s always recommended that you have a family doctor, someone you trust and who over time gets to know you and your health issues but sometimes a walk in medical clinic may also be appropriate and a benefit. Walk in Clinic Douglasglen & Calgary Airport

When choosing a walk-in clinic in Calgary or anywhere else, try to choose one in your neighbourhood and one you can use whenever the case may arise.  This way, although you’re not visiting your family doctor, you may become familiar with the physicians that work there, easing the apprehensions you may have..

Reasons a walk-in clinic might be right for you:

  1. You don’t have a family doctor.  Not having a family doctor should not be a reason to avoid the doctor’s office, walk-in clinics can offer similar services and it’s very important to take good care of your health and address those lingering concerns you might have.  However, finding a walk in medical clinic that is also accepting new patients is always your best bet. This way you may be able to also find a primary physician for you and your family.
  1. Extended Hours. Many walk-in clinics have extended hours this is great if you have an ailment that may not be super urgent but you do want addressed as soon as possible.  Getting time off work to go to a doctor’s appointment isn’t always possible.
  1. Your family doctor is not available. Let’s face it doctors need to go on holidays too, and that means you might not always be able to see your family physician for a while or he/she has a substitute you are not familiar with anyway.  If you’re sick and need to see a doctor visit a walk in medical clinic.
  1. No Appointment Needed. Although your family doctor might be in town they may not be available to see you as soon as you would like to so heading to your neighbourhood walk-in clinic is a convenient and easy way to be seen by a physician right away.
  1. You need care for a minor ailment. Perhaps going to the ER or Urgent care with whatever is bothering you might be too much and making an appointment with your doctor might take too long, a doctor at the walk in clinic will help you out.   Minor aliments include things like: rashes, infections, fractures, stomach bugs etc.

The bottom line is you are welcome to go to any walk in clinic in Calgary at any time regardless if you have a family doctor or not. PrimeCARE Health has 3 medical clinics in Calgary and one in Grande Prairie accepting new patients and walk in patients.