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Take Control of Your Health – 7 Tips

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Take Control of Your Health

No matter how famous you are or how much money you have health is something that concerns everybody.  You are in control of your health for the most part. You might wonder why or how but the reality is it is up to us individuals to pay attention to our bodies and to take care of our bodies. Taking control of your health doesn’t really depend on whether or not you have medical conditions. Having a medical issue might mean you have more challenges that’s all.  By the way, if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition don’t be shy to get a second opinion. The perfect place is to simply go to a walk-in clinic and talk to a physician there. health tips calgary

Taking control of your health means developing healthy habits.

1. Educate yourself. The most important thing you can do is to educate yourself. Learn about your health problems and how you can take care of your body. Take time to read up on whatever health issues you are experiencing or simply how to live a healthy lifestyle. Talk to your family doctor or specialist and ask them for advice.

2. Set goals. Take the time to decide what will your health goals be for the next 6 months or even the next year. Before you set goals KNOW YOUR REASON. It is proven that if you are clear on WHY you are doing something your success rate will be much higher.

healthy foods, healthy living Calgary3. Stop yo-yo dieting and focus on get healthier. When your body functions optimally your weight will adjust and get rid of access fat. List specific ways you can accomplish this. For instance, try a new healthy dinner recipe once a week or research nutrition on the Internet 10 minutes a day. We have some great healthy recipes on our Facebook page once in a while, check them out.

4. Start exercising regularly. You don’t need to join a gym or hire an expensive personal trainer, simply make it a point to walk more or go swimming, etc. Incorporate a regular exercise that you enjoy that way you will stick with it.

5. Work on your mindset and thought patterns. You have to believe that you can become healthy before you will be able to do so. Learning to accept what you can’t change, but striving to change what you can, is key. A large part of succeeding in health improvement is being comfortable with yourself to begin with.
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6. Drink lots of water. Our bodies need a lot of water to properly function. I am sure by now you are aware of the importance of drinking water and keeping hydrated. This is especially important in the morning. During our sleep time we lose a lot of water so it is imperative to drink one or two glasses of water as soon as we get up. This is the number one common advice all diets and health practitioners suggest.

7. Find an accountability partner. It helps to have a partner for accountability. We work harder when we know someone is holding us accountable and watching our progress. A good partner also helps you stay realistic in our goals and might challenge you to grow.Find someone who will encourage you in the down times and celebrate your successes with you as you accomplish your goals.

Consider rewarding yourself for making this commitment to improve your health. Celebrating your accomplishments is a great way to motivate yourself.

Don’t forget paying attention to your body, to signs of being unwell and don’t procrastinate in making an appointment with your family doctor to discuss the issue. Prevention and early detection saves lives.