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Does Exercise Guarantee Weight Loss?

The simple answer is NO. Exercise does not guarantee weight loss. So why do people keep talking about it? What is so great about exercise when it doesn’t ensure weight loss? Let’s take some time to dive into this to see what are some of the benefits of  exercise. Aerobic exercise is defined as activities …

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Diabetes awareness

 November is Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14 is World Diabetes Day Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are serious conditions, and can lead to complications. However, there is a lot you can do to help yourself and stay in good condition. In addition to eating  healthy, increasing your physical activity and educating yourself about diabetes, you can also ensure you keep your …

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October is an Occupational Therapy month

What is Occupational Therapy? Occupational therapy is concerned with helping people to be independent and successful in carrying out tasks/activities that they need to complete throughout the day – this may include self-care, home management, work, school or extra-curricular activities. How does Occupational Therapy work? During an Occupational Therapy assessment it may be discovered that …

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