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Accepting New Patients (except Grande Prairie)

Walk in clinic CalgaryWalk in clinics are becoming very popular in Alberta. First of all let’s clarify what a walk in clinic is.

If you wake up with a bad ear ache and feeling miserable, you might want to see a doctor right away. We suggest you try and see your family doctor but if you don’t have one or if he or she is not available to see you then your best choice is to come to a walk in clinic.

There are many situations when a walk in clinic is preferred and very often used in order to get professional medical attention.

The walk-in service is used by anybody who:

  • Cannot get in to see their regular family doctor or after-hours clinic.
  • Has no family doctor
  • Cannot wait for the next scheduled appointment and has a fairly urgent issue

Contact a PrimeCARE Health Walk In Clinic in Calgary,
Grande Prairie or Carstairs

Medical clinics offering walk in services have family physicians and nurses who will take care of your immediate medical needs and are qualified to help you with your concerns, sending you for lab investigations or writing you the necessary prescriptions.

PrimeCARE Health walk in clinic in Calgary is known for having very short wait time periods.

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