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Accepting New Patients (except Grande Prairie)

PrimeCARE Health is an authorized WCB and OIS provider. OIS or Occupational Injury Service is a program specifically designed for people who are hurt at work. It helps employers by providing injured workers with expedited access to medical services. The focus is on helping injured workers return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Work Safety and Injury

How does it work?

  • Same-day access to a PrimeCARE Health physician with experience in Occupational Injury Services, management and WCB training. The injured worker is seen within minutes of arriving to the clinic.
  • PrimeCARE Health will complete and submit reports to WCB the same day
  • Expedited diagnostics such as MRI, CT, Bone Scans and Ultrasounds are available, as well as some treatment services if necessary
  • We coordinate an effective communication channel with the injured worker, the employer and the worker’s family doctor.
  • PrimeCARE Health will create an individualized return-to-work plan.
  • Follow-up support is available

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