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Accepting New Patients (except Grande Prairie)

Are you looking for family doctors accepting new patients in Calgary?

Perhaps your family doctor retired or moved away or maybe you are new to the city or changed neighbourhoods. Looking for and choosing a doctor can be a long and daunting task, but does not have to be.Family doctors accepting new patients Calgary, Quarry Park, Douglasglen, Douglasdale, Calgary SE, Airport, YYC,

By asking yourself questions and knowing how, when and where to look, your search will be made easy!

How To Find Doctors Accepting New Patients

  • Look for road signs in the area you are looking for
  • Check your neighbourhood magazine ads
  • Many websites are here to help, such as:
  • Contact family-medicine practices that often operate out of teaching hospitals.
  • Talk with local hospitals or health care workers in your area

Finding a GP that you are comfortable with and trust is very important. You will most likely deal with that doctor for a very long time. Location is also a primary consideration, that’s where most people start looking, a family doctor close to their neighbourhood or to their work who is accepting new patients.

Benefits To Finding A Good Family Physician

  • Doctors are able to offer advice on tests, specialists and treatments for all your needs
  • A doctor is also able to assist you on making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent future medical needs
  • You will receive help and advice with illness, injury or health related questions and concerns

A family doctor can assist with a wide variety of health issues that can affect the entire family, from babies to seniors. Most GPs offer general care to all patients but some specialize so they will have a general practice and a specialty.

For example, you might prefer that your family doctor is also a specialist in women’s health. Of if you have a special need such as a chronic pain condition you might look for a family physician who may have an interest in these area.

What To Look For When Choosing A New Doctor In Calgary

  • Someone who understands, respects and truthfully answers your questions until you are satisfied
  • Helps you and your family feel comfortable in seeking advice and allows you to be open and honest
  • Is available for current and ongoing problems and issues when they may occur

Questions To Ask Yourself While Searching For A Family Doctor

  • What are the days and hours of the doctor’s availability?
  • How fast can you get in (book an appointment) to see him or her?
  • Is he or she usually on schedule or always running behind?
  • If English is not your first language how important is it to you to find a doctor who speaks your native language?
  • Is the gender or the doctor important?

As you can see there are some criteria you should consider when searching for family doctors in Calgary. Ultimately this is a very personal choice.

Find a family doctor you are comfortable with, is available when you need them and is proactive, giving you advice on preventing illness and paying attention to your whole body and mental well being.

Contact one of our modern, proactive health care centers in Calgary and
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