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Accepting New Patients

PrimeCare Health Clinic in Grande Prairie is an approved provider
for WCB Occupational Therapy services.

We offer the following services:

Ergonomic assessments

Can be booked by an individual or employer to prevent or stop workstation related issues (e.g. sore neck/back, wrist concerns) from occurring.

The assessor reviews the reported issues, takes an overview of the existing workstation set up, makes ergonomically correct adjustments to the workstation, and makes equipment recommendations, if necessary.

Splinting and hand therapy

We can help patients with a painful arthritic thumb (CMC osteoarthritis) by reducing load/stresses on articulating surfaces, improving nutrition to joint while using stabilizing, splints and implementing joint protection strategies.

PDA development (physical demands analysis)
Is an employer-based service and it is a useful/necessary tool for pre-employment testing, fitness for work medicals, etc.

Personal care assessments and Consultations for home adaptations or modifications
Accessible by individuals as well as on physician recommendation or insurance company referral.

Occupational Therapist supports you to be more successful in managing physical, mental and environmental challenges you may experience in your everyday activities.