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What Is Kinesiology?

Did you know that we had National Kinesiology Week recently?

There is often lots of confusion as to what Kinesiologists are and what they do. To celebrate National Kinesiology Week we have decided to explain this valuable role in our community.physical-therapy

Kinesiologists are human movement specialists that use science and research to offer movement as medicine to any Canadian with a health or fitness goal. They provide a hands-on, thorough and personalized approach to treat injuries and medical conditions in an era where many practitioners spend less and less time with each patient and machines are performing more of the treatments.

Kinesiologists connect with people to give them the opportunity to live a better life through movement. They share their passion for bringing a proactive, integrated and supportive approach to health in Canada.

Kinesiologists appeal to people as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. They are covered by insurance (in some plans), have a degree and are highly-qualified. They work with any age, size, gender, background, ability, and do so in your space. Kinesiologists take the time to educate and teach how to maintain your health after the program is complete.
Kinesiologists reach the hearts of people as they take time to understand your circumstances and goals, support & encourage you, see your potential, believe in your ability to restore your life or reach your next level of performance, they take a big-picture approach to health.

what-is-kinesiologyAt our Grande Prairie clinic Kinesiologist works closely with our Physiotherapists to help in the recovery and rehabilitation of many of our clients by monitoring their exercises to ensure that the exercises are being performed properly. They also develop and progress the exercises to help strengthen the affected and supporting muscles to reduce the risk of re-injury.

Our Grande Prairie Kinesiologist also works in disability management by providing assessments to ensure workers are fit enough for their work, providing ergonomic assessments to reduce muscle and soft tissue injuries caused by the work environment, and by working closely with employers and employees to educate on healthy habits to reduce the risk of injuries or pain.

Our Kinesiologist is also able to develop exercise programs personalized to your fitness level, chronic conditions, preferences and goals; allowing you to be as safe and successful in accomplishing your goals as possible!

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