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Keeping Active Indoors during Cold Calgary Winters

Winter is finally here and the cold is really settling in. Going for a walk outdoors when it’s close to a -40 windchill is not advised. However, there are plenty of free and low-cost ways to get your daily movement during a Calgary cold snap.

staying active indoors in Calgary winter

The City of Calgary Leisure Centre and Pools: The City of Calgary offers a wide variety of indoor activities you can take advantage of. Including indoor walking tracks, swimming pools, and ice rinks.

In addition to the big leisure center,  such as Southland and Village Square. The City of Calgary has some great community pools located in south Calgary.

Acadia Aquatic & Fitness Centre is located in Southeast Calgary on Fairmont drive and offers a great swimming pool and fitness center. Prices for this facility are very reasonable, $6.70 for Adults and $3.30 for seniors and children. Check out their drop-in schedule.

Another, City of Calgary facility (with a reasonably priced drop-in) located in South Calgary and within a reasonable driving distance from our Douglasglen Medical clinic is Canyon Meadows Aquatic & Fitness Centre


Staying Active Indoors during Calgary Winters

YMCA: South Calgary has 3 great YMCA facilities, including the brand new Brookfield YMCA, located in the southeast Calgary community of Seaton. The YMCA has both drop in and monthly memberships available. Talk to a YMCA representative take a tour or ask about any promotions they have going on. They often have a free 7-day trial available. This can be a great way to take advantage of their facility at no cost ( even if it is only for a week)

Simply taking a walk or a tour of the new Brookfield YMCA can also help you get your steps in and won’t cost you anything. The building is large and there is plenty to look at. You can also drop in at the new Library which, is located in the building and get a free library card.   In addition to books the Calgary public library offers great courses and programs, take some time to check it out, you may find even more great ways to stay active and be part of the Calgary community.

Max Bell Arenas: Although located further north than the above-mentioned facilities this one has a totally free walking track on the upper level, and as an added bonus parking is free as well. The walking track is usually not very busy unless there is an event going on. The walking track is normally open but, if you want to check the scheduling before heading out we’ve provided a link, to the schedule here.

YouTube: YouTube isn’t the first thing you think of when you think staying active indoors but there are millions of fitness trainers offering free workout videos for you to follow. You can pick your level of fitness, the amount of time you want to contribute and the type of exercise you’re looking to do. Grab your computer, tablet or phone and see what sort of free workouts Youtube as to offer. When searching on Youtube for a workout video that suits you, make sure to search with very specific wording and you will be amazed and what you can find.

Keeping our bodies active all year round is very important for both our heart health and overall well-being. If you know of another great way to keep active indoors, in Calgary, please comment below and we’ll be sure to add to our next blog article.

If you’re looking to get started on a new fitness routine or have any questions regarding your health make an appointment with your doctor today. If you need a family doctor our medical clinic is accepting new patients. 

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