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Health benefits of exercise

Do you ever wonder when will be the best time for you to start exercising?

If you are not sick or recovering from an injury, the answer is simple. Today. It’s really never too late.

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There are many different ways of how to get your blood circulating now matter your age, sex or occupation. Exercise is not here only to help you become an owner of the perfect “beach body” it influences the quality of your sleep, energy levels, reduces risk of most diseases and of course increases strength and flexibility.

Physical activity has huge impact on your health in following areas as well.

  1. Mental health

Mental health is very important and we should give it the same or even better care as our physical health. It is difficult to handle the everyday pressures of the world, that gives us a lot of options and opportunities but also creates higher stress. Studies show that exercising has positive influence on our state of mind. It reduces stress, alleviates anxiety, improves brain performance, helps control addictions or increases creativity. Even as little as 20 minutes of exercise per week is supposed to have positive impact on our feeling of happiness.

  1. Diabetes

Physical activity is important for overall fitness but having diabetes might pose certain challenges. Exercise has a notable effect on diabetics. It increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin so in many cases physically active diabetics can lower their insulin doses, of course under a supervision of a physician. To be on safe side diabetics should track blood sugar before, during and after the physical activity. If you have diabetes and want to start exercising get your doctor’s ok first, especially if you have not been active lately.

  1. Pregnancy

Exercising is beneficial for women before conception, during their pregnancy and also after they give birth. Stress, lack of movement or sedentary work may cause worsen functioning of reproductive organs and appropriately chosen exercises have significant effect on the removal of functional infertility.

Physical activity during pregnancy improves physical and mental shape, prepares the body for giving birth easier and faster and decreases occurrence of complications.

Few days after the birth you can start doing Kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent incontinence. Listen to your body and slowly incorporate other activities such as yoga classes or long walks with the stroller. Don’t overdo it though, especially if you are breastfeeding.

  1. Weight control

Even though exercise is only a part of successful weight management, it is an important one. If you want to lose weight you should actually aim for fat loss. If you only cut on your calorie intake without exercising you will lose muscles as well. And since muscle is more metabolically active than fat that is something you want to avoid. Did you know that muscles burn calories even at rest? That’s why we want to build or at least keep our muscle mass. The trick is regular exercise and the right diet rich in protein and vegetables.

  1. Healthy heart

Being healthy is about everyday habits. The less time you spend sitting down the better. If you have sedentary work, set a reminder and get up every hour. Go to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water or cup of tea, stretch a few times or dance to your favorite song. If you need to make a phone call do it walking around the office. The ideal physical activity for your heart health is the old good walking. One hour of brisk walk everyday is a lifesaver. The best is to enjoy the great outdoors at the same time, but the treadmill will do the trick as well. If you have a heart condition talk to your doctor before starting any new activity.

Whatever your reason is for starting to exercise there is one key condition, you must like it. So choose a physical activity that you will enjoy doing. It will be easier for you to keep doing it and harder to give it up.

Every move counts so look for opportunities, have fun and feel better