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Halloween safety tips

It’s that spooky fun time of year again and kids all over Calgary are gearing up to go trick or
treating. With all the excitement of celebrating, dressing up and thinking about all that candy 🙂 safety can often be left on the back burner.

Let’s go over a few important safety tips that will ensure that Halloween continues to be a fun
and safe time for everyone.

Trick or Treating Safety – The Walk

Plan a direct route for trick or treating, try to stay on the streets with sidewalks and routes that
have designated crosswalks. If you are on the streets with no sidewalks remember to walk facing
traffic as far to the left as possible.

Don’t jay walk – this is obvious on any given day but on Halloween kids are excited and can
dart from house to house in all their excitement. Remember to use designated crosswalks and
make sure to always look both ways TWICE before crossing. Not all drivers will be in the
Halloween spirit and aware to be extra careful so it is important to keep that in mind.

Eye contact – teach children to make eye contact with drivers before they cross the road. For
younger children you can teach them to give a friendly wave and wait for the driver to
acknowledge them.

Keep your phone out of the way. Distraction is everywhere so do your best to enjoy the moment
with your kids and keep phones in purses and pockets. Take pictures in safe zones such as
your home, lawns or at the front doors. Never stop on the street to take pictures.

Trick or Treating Safety – The Costume
Choose face paint instead of masks whenever possible. Masks can obstruct vision and can
lead to falls and accidents. Make sure costumes fit properly and will not be a tripping or falling

Try to glow in the dark. Use glow sticks, glow in the dark stickers or reflective tape and decorate
parts of your children’s costume and bag, as well as, yourself. This can be a fun activity to do
together a few days leading up to Halloween night. The dollar store carries lots of glow sticks,
and glow in the dark stickers at this time of year.

Keep Warm – in Calgary Halloween can be a chilly sometimes snowy experience so remember
to dress yourself and your child in layers, and bring gloves and toques.

Trick or Treating Safety – The Aftermath
The evening adventure is over and now it’s time to count the candy. Count the candy with your
children or at least go over their haul with them, so you can disregard anything that does not
look safe to eat. This includes packages that look to be opened, homemade or appear to be
tampered with. It’s also a good time to grab any candy or chocolate that may contain
ingredients your child is allergic to.

If you’re child has coeliac disease and you are not sure what contains gluten check this list out here.

It’s a good idea to set rules and expectations a few days before regarding how much candy will
be allowed to be consumed and when. Make sure to set boundaries that are right for you and
your family.

Halloween and Trick or Treating is fun and exciting and can be very safe if we all remember to
keep a few of these tips in mind.

Happy Halloween!

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