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Diabetes awareness

 November is Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14 is World Diabetes Day

managing diabetes in Calgary AlbertaType 1 and type 2 diabetes are serious conditions, and can lead to complications. However, there is a lot you can do to help yourself and stay in good condition.

In addition to eating  healthy, increasing your physical activity and educating yourself about diabetes, you can also ensure you keep your blood pressure and glucose levels at your target rate. 

Make sure the following topics are covered at your health check ups. It is important that certain visits with your health-care team focus specifically on managing your diabetes.

Healthy eating

Ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian, Alberta Health has programs in place that can help you get your healthy eating habits in place.

Physical activity

managing diabetes with exerciseBoth cardiovascular and resistance training (such as weight training) help people living with with diabetes. If you are just starting out being more active always check with your doctor first.  Starting an exercise program can be overwhelming so simply adding in activities you like to do, such as going for walks, bike rides or swimming is an easy way to start. Challenge yourself to try out new forms of activity once a month, try zumba one time and maybe kickboxing another time. There are many forms of great exercise out there so don’t give up and look for something you enjoy and can support you in living a healthy lifestyle.  

Eye care

As part of your health-care routine, you need to be seen by an eye-care specialist who can look for signs of eye disease.  Your family doctor cannot do this but can recommend/refer the proper doctor to do so.

Foot care

Remove your shoes and socks at every visit, and make sure you address any ingrown toenails and other concerns.  Taking care of your feet is important, there are many medical pedicures available from trained nurses, a simple search on the internet can help you find one. Simply look up Medical Pedicures in your area.


Smoking can make life complicated. If you want to quit ask your doctor about smoking cessation programs that are available through Alberta health.

Nerve damage

Make sure you mention any feelings of “pins and needles” or numbness that you may have in your hands or feet.

Your doctor will also send you for blood tests and other testing as they see necessary.  Please make sure that during your appointment you bring up anything that is related to managing your diabetes and overall health.

There are many programs available to help you along in living a healthy lifestyle and managing your diabetes.

If you need a family doctor please contact one of our clinics. 

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