• PrimeCARE Health offers family medical services and integrated health and wellness programs to Albertans. We provide family practice, walk-in and complete proactive medical services. Anyone looking to be treated like a client rather than an illness is welcome.

    Family Medical/Health Service Offerings


  • Occupational Health

    • WCB Occupational Injury Services (OIS)

      oisPrimeCARE Health is an authorized WCB and OIS provider. OIS or Occupational Injury Service is a program specifically designed for people who are hurt at work. It helps employers by providing injured workers with expedited access to medical services. The focus is on helping injured workers return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

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    • Ergonomic Assessment

      The evaluation of forces and frequencies required from a worker when completing essential job tasks. A detailed report includes recommendations for improving the workstation and tool design.Risk factors are identified and solutions provided to minimize the risk of injury. This assessment may also include personalized worker training on lifting techniques, body mechanics and pacing.

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    • OHS Policy Development

      ohs_policyWe help you ensure the mental, physical and social well-being of your employees by developing policies that increase worker safety and reduce workplace injuries. Our on-site services focus on prevention, recognition, and treatment of injuries and illnesses.

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    • Driver Medical Assessment

      driver_medIf you have a chronic medical condition or require a Class 1 driver's license you need medical clearance to obtain or renew your license. PrimeCARE Health offers Driver Medical Assessments.

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    • Health Screening

      hscreeningWe offer a wide variety of employee health screening, testing and educational options. These include audiometry (hearing), pulmonary function (lung function), vision testing, blood pressure, cardiac risk, ECG, blood glucose, urinalysis, education on musculoskeletal issues and disease/illness management.

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    • Fit To Work Medical

      fitThis medical assessment is for a worker/employee with a short-term illness or injury where fitness to work is in question. The assessment is designed to help employers manage health related time loss for both occupational and non-occupational injury or illness.

      Reporting includes case/site specific history, physical assessment, restrictions/limitations and recommendations for effective case management.

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    • Executive File Reviews

      executive_fileComprehensive review of evaluation reports and client’s medical history by Senior Occupational Health Physician to provide a synopsis of opinions and advise on individual’s work capacity, rehabilitation and case management.

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    • Drug And Alcohol Testing

      drug_testCertified drug and alcohol testing is available for pre-placement medical examinations, pre-access and post incident testing both during and after business hours.

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    • Health Surveillance

      h_survMonitoring of the incidence and magnitude of occupational exposure to harmful/reportable substances (chemical, biohazard).

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    • Disability Management

      disabilityCase management provided by an experienced occupational health nurse to assist workers return to health and to meaningful and productive work.

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    • Physical Demand Analysis

      p_demandPhysical demand analyses are the baseline for comparison when determining fitness for work, modified work capabilities and employee placement. We conduct on-site assessments of the physical requirements essential for completing the tasks of specific jobs.

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    Occupational Medicine

    • Medical Assessments

      PrimeCARE provides independent multi-disciplinary third party evaluations. We offer a variety of assessments including Independent Medical Evaluations, Medical Status Examinations, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Fitness for Work Assessments, Certified Medical Examinations, Neuropsychological Assessments and Pre-Placement Medical Examinations.

      Prolonged absence from one's normal roles, including absence from the workplace, is detrimental to a person's mental, physical and social well-being. We encourage patients to regain their role and to get back to work as soon as possible after an illness or injury.

    • Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

      imeComprehensive medical evaluations performed by Certified Independent Physicians. This evaluation provides expert evidence and recommendations for diagnosis, causation, prognosis, progress of recovery, impairment, disability, restrictions/limitations, additional diagnostic testing required and treatment recommendations. This comprehensive report is developed through physical assessment, review of documents, detailed social, educational, vocational and medical history and case specific inquiry.

    • Independent Psychiatric Evaluation (IPE)

      ipeAn independent psychiatric expert completes a full assessment and comprehensive report. This evaluation provides expert evidence and recommendations for diagnosis, causation, prognosis, progress of recovery, impairment, disability, restrictions / limitations, additional diagnostic testing, treatment recommendations, determination of mental status and any required ancillary psychometric testing.

    • Pre-Placement Medical

      pre_placementPrimeCARE works closely with employers to design job specific pre-placement testing. The medical and diagnostic testing determines fitness for employment in comparison to an employer’s Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFOR). We often complete this service in combination with other diagnostic tests such as hearing, lung function, vision testing, drug and alcohol testing, and functional evaluations.

    • Functional Capacity Evaluation

      functional_capacityThis evaluation provides an employer with a detailed report outlining an employee's fitness to work, physical limitations/restrictions and recommendations for job conditioning or reintegration to full duties. This assessment specifically tests an individual’s physical capabilities compared to a job demands analysis.

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